Tallest House on the Block

Not that there is a competition, but it's thirteen stories up!

When I first got to Buenos Aires, I mean the city, the bus was headed down the famous 9 de Julio . Looking up, I saw a house on the top of a tall building.

That's strange, I thought. The other sites and sounds filled my head as I went, and I took up my new surroundings.

Ever since that day, I have always looked up at the architecture when I am on the big avenue, but I had never seen the country style house again.

Then yesterday I looked up as I crossed the street right near Corrientes and saw what I had not seen in many years.

My youngest was with me and we imagined some billionaire wanting a country house with a yard but didn't like the commute in and out of the city.

I can just see him getting the building permit, via coima no doubt, and hiring a gardener to take sod up the elevator to make the yard. And when the kids toss to ball over the fence?


Tough time getting the car in the garage though.

sponge bob.jpg